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Press Release 2

June 7, 2014

The Darrell Trigg for President Campaign issued an official Press Release on April 30, 2014, announcing Darrell being a candidate for the 2016 U. S. Presidential election. The response to this press release has been tremendous ! In the first month, over 23,300 people have visited the website !

Darrell has been astounded at this great response and greatly appreciates everyone’s interest and support. There are several issues on the campaign platform that are not only controversial , but current in our nation. With this kind of interest, the campaign is sure to grow fast. People that visit the website realize the importance of our nation taking a stand now on these issues.

Darrell has also been amazed at how many people have greeted him at restaurants , in Walmart, and other places, just to introduce themselves and say how much they appreciate this campaign and what it will accomplish for this country, not only now, but in generations to come.

Dinners and other fund raising events will be scheduled in the near future at which those that attend will not only have an opportunity to meet Darrell , but hear him give a presentation on the campaign issues.

Darrell wishes to thank all those who have shown an interest and for their support. Those interested are starting to realize the power of many people working together for the same cause in a democracy. Christ was 33 when he died on the cross. Darrell is asking everyone to contribute $33 to this campaign to commemorate each year that Jesus lived on Earth. The United States has over 300 million people. If just one million people make a $33 donation, that is $33 million. That amount would help this campaign tremendously in advertising costs for several areas across the nation . Darrell also has to get his name on the ballet for all 50 states separately. This money will help in that effort also.

Thank you again for your tremendous interest and support !

Paid for by the Darrell Trigg for President Candidate Committee.