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No longer taking contributions.

There were limits on how much you can contribute to a campaign :

An individual could contribute $5200.00 ($2600 for the primary and $2600 for the general election). Each member of a family could contribute $5200.00 .(A family of three could contribute $15,600….$5200 each). I will be an independent candidate on the ballet, so there will not be a primary election for this campaign. But I have to designate a “primary” date for the campaign. An individual could still contribute $5200.00 to this campaign.

We were required by federal law to record your name, address, occupation, and the name of your employer.

The following contributions were prohibited : by a corporation, by a labor union, by a church, or by a foreign national ( you must have a green card).
Thank you for your contribution – To God Be The Glory !!!

Paid for by the Darrell Trigg for President Candidate Committee.