Business Growth: Lawyers, Dentists, & More

How Can I Help?

  • If you made a financial contribution, thank you.
  • If you spread the word about this campaign, thank you if you did the following! Contact all your contacts on your email, your cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, and any others, and ask them, in turn, to contact all their contacts, and ask them to contact all their contacts…and so on down the line… Also, contact those who do not have a computer or cell phone or maybe not even a T.V. Take a copy of the cover letter and the campaign platform to them….
  • Help those who do not have transportation by taking them to register to vote…and then take them to vote on election day. If there are several, rent a van or a bus…
  • Volunteer….as the campaign grows, there will be managers in each state collecting the required number of signatures on a petition that will allow me to be on that states ballet. Volunteer to help with this and other parts of the campaign process. We will especially needED help from those that have experience with an election and filing forms with the Federal Election Commission.
  • Pray for this campaign……

Paid for by the Darrell Trigg for President Candidate Committee.