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Richard Darrell Trigg, P.E. – Biography

Darrell Trigg is the thirteenth child of Madge Lee Mahan Trigg and James Henry Trigg. He was raised in Derby, Virginia, a coal camp , four miles from Appalachia, Virginia. He has four brothers and seven sisters. His oldest sister died when she was only a few days old. His dad worked for Stonega Coke and Coal Company. However, he died suddenly when Darrell was only 4 years old. Madge was a wonderful Christian mother with tremendous faith in God. She never remarried and never received welfare. She took the social security benefits that she received and thru smart money management provided for her family. The family never lacked food, clothing or a comfortable, clean home. She dedicated her whole life to her children. She taught her children to take whatever was available and make it work in solving any problem. She often donated food , clothing, and other items to less fortunate families.

God’s love emanated from her heart to each of her children conveying the message that happiness and contentment come from deep within the heart, soul, and spirit, and not from anything that money can buy. It comes from God’s Holy Spirit. Her children had a happy home and never doubted her love for them. Madge lived to be 94. The last several years of her life Darrell and several of his brothers and sisters took turns staying with her in their home place when she was incapable of totally caring for herself. Darrell always considered this to be very valuable, quality time with his Mother who gave her all for her children. She loved to watch Charles Stanley’s sermons on T.V. on Sunday mornings. When they were growing up, a Billy Graham crusade on T.V. was a major event in the Trigg home. Christmas was always a very special holiday in the Trigg home.

Madge taught her children that faith in God, a good education, and hard work were very important in life. There were several valedictorians in the family. Darrell was valedictorian of both his elementary and high school classes. The family faithfully attended Derby United Methodist Church. They walked about a half a mile to get to church for several years after his dad died, because they did not have a car. Darrell and his brothers were ushers in the church and his sisters were officers in the church. The church gave Darrell his first Bible when he was only 5 years old, and he read it from cover to cover at a very young age.

The Trigg family had four gardens that they dug by hand, as they did not have a tiller. Madge and Darrell’s sisters either canned or froze the vegetables raised.

Darrell was saved when he was ten years old at a revival at his church. Reverend Hawkins was the evangelist. Several Sunday School teachers inspired Darrell’s growth as a Christian, including Louise Garrison, Inez Garrison, Charlotte Atkins, and Murle Skaggs.

Darrell and his brothers played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track in little leagues and on through high school at Appalachia High School. Appalachia traditionally had a very strong football program in the Lonesome Pine District.

A few days after high school graduation, Darrell began work underground at Westmoreland Coal Company’s Holton Mine near Exeter, Virginia, as a summer co-op student. He joined the United Mine Workers of America . He worked two summers underground and one on the suface. He has often told his two sons that working around the mines was a great education in itself, the kind that you can not get from a book. He learned how hard working men and women work together to make a company successful. He also learned that there are always a few on most jobs who do little to contribute to the success of a company.

As valedictorian of his high school class, Darrell received scholarships to attend Virginia Tech, where he majored in Mining Engineering. He then worked under Dr. Yoon at Virginia Tech in getting a Masters Degree, in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering. His project was funded by a grant from the Department of Energy and developed a new process for cleaning fine coal , called Microbubble Flotation. Darrell’s project developed a new microbubble generator. This process was later patented by Virginia Tech and several industries use this process.

Darrell has professional Engineering licenses in both the states of Virginia and Tennessee.

His career path includes :

– Processing Engineer for The Feldspar Corporation in Spruce Pine, North Carolina,

where he conducted research on the production of Ultra High Purity Quartz, used to

produce silicon chips for computers.

– Research Engineer for The Standard Oil Corporation near Philadelphia , PA, where he conducted research on the production of a liquid fuel from coal. Standard Oil was purchased by British Petroleum while Darrell was still an employee there.

– The General Manager and Chief Engineer of Short Mountain Silica in Mooresburg , TN where he helped build this company from its initial stages of development to becoming the seventh largest industrial sand producer in the country, producing products that go into the glass industry, fiberglass, toothpaste, salt, coffee creamer, ceramics, golf courses, railroad locomotives, play sand, athletic fields, and others. Darrell worked with Short Mountain Silica for 25 years.

– Darrell now has his own Professional Engineering consulting firm , Trigg Engineering.

– While serving on the board of deacons at The First Baptist Church of Rogersville, Tennessee, Darrell was asked to teach a discipleship training class by Pastor Gene Nelson. He taught a class on Prayer. From the research he did in teaching this class , Darrell wrote a book (Developing A More Effective Prayer Life – A Practical Approach) which was published in 2012 by Tate Publishing .

– Darrell also gives presentations on “Prayer and Developing a Close Relationship With God” and has been the guest speaker at several different churches, the Holston United Methodist Home for Children (in Greeneville, TN), conferences , reunions, a crusade, women’s circle groups, Sunday School classes, and others.

Darrell moved to Rogersville, TN, May 1, 1987. He met Lori Kay Jones , on a blind date shortly after that. They dated for 6 months and were then married. Lori had two young sons , Andrew and Cody, from her first marriage. This was Darrell’s first marriage. Darrell adopted Andrew and Cody soon after he and Lori were married.

Darrell has often told Lori that one of the reasons that he fell in love with her was her extreme love and affection for her sons and because she was an excellent Mother. Such attributes can only originate from a wonderful heart full of God’s love.

Lori was already a member of the First Baptist Church in Rogersville, and Darrell transferred his church membership here also. Andrew and Cody were both saved when they were around 10 years old. Darrell has served on the Board of Deacons, taught Sunday School classes, and discipleship training classes. Lori has also taught Sunday School classes and Bible School classes. Lori has a degree from Walters State and majored in biology at Lincoln Memorial University.

Darrell and Lori own a farm near Rogersville. They have had several gardens, cattle, dogs, cats, and chickens.

A few years ago, Darrell felt God’s calling to write a campaign platform that dealt with several problems facing our nation. When he read this to Lori for the first time, she became very enthused . This inspired Darrell to continue the development of the campaign and to plan the formation of The Christian Party, one that asks God to be an integral part of our government. One that hearkens unto His Word , follows His commandments, and walks in His ways. One that honors God and does not defy Him. Darrell also realizes the need to get many of our manufacturing jobs back into this country and to protect the family and the home. He realizes that the home and the family is the backbone of any society. Marriage should be Holy Matrimony and not just an agreement that can be easily broken. Darrell also realizes the importance of honoring and teaching God’s Holy Word to our children.